Russell 54 Weekly Report (2018-12-9-2018-12-16)

Official announcement

1. Ore pool is a steady increase, the force of about 500 g, there are more than 35 mining machine in digging; Node currently has more than 830, lock up more than 100 COINS!

2. Currency price: Russell currency price is stable, this week and last week the price of the flat, stable around 0.30 again, the AI exchange 0. Running between 45-0.35, currency pool 0.17-0.30

3. Focus on rates continue to rise, according to the currency today network statistics, Russell currency this week consistently ranked fifth. Because of the continuous production, Russell currency more scarce, cause the attention of the whole market, is the main reason!


4. Signed a contract with money god science and technology cooperation is successful, launched by money god technology, mobile phone APP, and position in Russell COINS website launched currency god's science and technology special modules. Money god of science and technology is a high capacity of integrated application software, can chat, trading, send red packets and so on.

Market expansion

1. Marketing work for this week, in the regular promotion at the same time, we increased the WeChat promotion efforts, at present, five WeChat preliminary construction of the community construction, the user has breakthrough 6000.

2. President chose blocks system, further perfect the community management system.

3. Due to communication problems, after careful consideration, we decided to stop at and AA exchange exchange cooperation, has informed as currency to all members of the community to raise money.

APP development and optimization

1. , Russell currency, on the evening of December 5, android RCLX02 version, market reaction is good, with the night, 1000 people have installed the mobile phone, at the same time, solves the problems of many customers won't no node set

2. Authorities in each member of the community to guide the wallet phone installation and operation, Russell currency market, has played a good role in promoting.

Progress of project construction

1. Collaborative ink cloud technology to safety monitoring of wallet, exclude program gibberish, repair the purse internal hole, increasing the safety of the wallet. Ready to sign, details are discussing, signed an agreement in a few days!

2. At present, the iphone wallet is developing based on the outer frame of the apple has been set up good, but because of apple mobile phone production need certification from apple's IOS, so long.

3. Apple mobile phone promotion work of the temporary money god software ACTS as an electronic wallet.

Russell 53 Weekly Report (201812-1-2018-12-8)

Official announcement

1. RC has been successfully reduced from 10 to 5 currencies per block, i.e. 2.5 currencies for mining ponds and 2.5 currencies for nodes.

2. The calculation power of the mine pool has been steadily and steadily enhanced. At present, it is calculated to be 1.1G. There are more than 60 mining machines digging. There are more than 830 nodes and more than 1 million yuan of node locks.

3. Currency price: This week, the price of Russell is relatively stable. After last week's price of 0.35, the price of Russell is basically stable again around 0.34. Among them, the AI exchange keeps going up, reaching a maximum of 0.55


4. Concern rate keeps rising. According to the statistics of Yuanjin. com, 19 Russell coins rose to ninth, eighth, sixth and fifth place this week. Due to the continuous reduction of production, Russell coin is becoming scarcer and scarcer, which has aroused great concern in the market. This is the main reason.

Market expansion

1. This week, the marketing work is going on normally. While routine promotion, we have intensified the promotion of Wechat. At present, five Wechat communities have been preliminarily constructed, and the number of users has exceeded 6000.

2. The block President system has been selected and the community management system has been further improved.

3. In cooperation with A A Exchange, we will log on to the Exchange to realize TOKEN transaction, which is an important node of RC project and an important link to realize the RC ecological platform.

APP development and optimization

1. On the basis of completing 100% code, the basic business function of the application system has been tested and the degree of completion is 100%;

2. Russell's Android wallet APPRclx02 version has completed 100% of the code, and the basic business functions of the application system have been tested, with 100% completion. This test focuses on solving and repairing BUG in Rclx01 version, and fixing many incompatible problems of Android version, which is currently completed.

On the evening of March and December 5th, Russell coin solemnly launched RCLX02 version of Android mobile phone. The market reacted well. On the evening of launch, 1000 people installed mobile phones. At the same time, it solved the problem that many customers would not set up no nodes.

4. Officials instruct members in various communities to install and operate mobile wallets, and promote the market of Russell coins, which has played a very good role in promoting.

Progress of project construction

1. Collaborate with Moyun Technology to monitor the security of wallets, eliminate program chaos, repair the internal loopholes of wallets, and improve the security of wallets.

2. Apple mobile wallet is under development. At present, the external framework based on Apple has been built. The migration and compilation of internal data are under way. It is expected to be launched in January.

More developments please pay attention to




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